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Military Moving by South Peak Movers

We bring secure, dependable relocation to the public sector.

When you are making a government move, especially with the armed forces, trust goes a long way. With South Peak Movers, you get experience Uncle Sam has trusted since 1948. We're proud of our long tradition of service as a government move provider to our country. This includes work for the GSA (General Services Administration) and military personnel. South Peak Movers also provides flexible options for government personnel who self-move. South Peak Movers safely relocates over 13,000 military families each year.

Military Moving Service You Can Trust

South Peak Movers maintains an active network of experts and equipment for military relocation at home and overseas. With our top-tier partner providers, you have a world-class resource of international movers to meet logistical challenges anywhere. Plus our van line operations are founded in South Peak Movers Quality to ensure the consistency you expect from a specialist in military moving. This ensures the consistency you expect from a specialist in military moving.

Added Value for Military Moving

Count on these enhancements to make your government move a success:

Trailer Tracking. Satellite technology pinpoints the location of the trailer carrying your interstate shipment.

Shipment Tracking gives you secure online access (24/7) to the location of your shipment.

Labor Certification. We conduct background checks on all South Peak Movers van operators and agency employees involved in handling goods. This means added security for military families.

Proactive Safety. South Peak Movers adheres strictly to DOT regulations and conducts random drug and alcohol screenings to verify compliance.

World Class Commitment. We audit every South Peak Movers moving agent 4 times a year to ensure the quality you expect in military moving


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